Artificial Flavours

These  are man made chemicals which are
combination of ethers ,esters ,aldehydes
alcohols,resins and other odorous products.

These flaovours are more stable in storage  &through baking
.Most artificial flavors are specific and often complex
mixtures ofsingular naturally  occurring flavor
compounds combined together to either
imitate or enhance anatural flavor.
These mixtures are formulated
by flavorist to give a food product a unique
flavor and to maintain flavor consistency
between different product batches or after
recipe changes. The list of known flavoring
agents includes thousands of molecular compounds, and the
flavor chemist (flavorist) can often mix these together to
produce many of the common flavors.

Most commonly  used  flavours  are

diacetyl  - buttery , isoamyl acetate - banana , cinnamic aldehyde- cinnamon , ethyl propionate - fruity , limonene - orange

ethyl decadienonate - pear , allyl heaxanoate - pineapple , ethyl maltol - sugar , benzaldehyde - bitter almond


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